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It's Halloween! Download Themed Worksheets

Halloween’s just around the corner and the girls are excited and sad at the same time.There will be no trick or treating and going around the villages and malls in costumes this year because of the virus. But they’ve decided to keep the spirits up by decorating and having their own mini party at home and maybe

drive to their friends' house to drop some treats on Halloween.

For the past couple of days, the girls made some Halloween crafts to add to the decors that we plan to put up in one of the rooms for our Halloween movie night.

We were invited by Andrei, one of their friends, in zoom, to join him in making spiders using egg cartons, paint, and googly eyes. It was really fun and easy, and it got the kids busy for 2 hours.

Arts and crafts for Halloween
Andrei's Suncatcher

Mommy Armi also shared this suncatcher project they made using Japanese papers, glue and tape.

The girls wanted to make their own versions of a light catcher and so we printed out cats and bats. We also used the same materials plus some cellophane we found lying around the house.

I've uploaded the templates we used for our own versions here. You can download them and have your little one cut the figures.

Here's the link. Arts and Crafts

These bats are made of egg cartons, painted with black acrylic paint. We cut the two sides like the shape of an "M" to make the wings. This project made them busy for about two hours and that gave me a lot of time to do some chores. However, we had to wait hours for it to dry before attaching the googly-eyes. If you don't have some, you can make your own by cutting two small circles and just drawing the iris.

Our Versions of SunCatchers

Halloween and Christmas have always been an artsy season for the kids and since holiday feels are kicking in, they requested to have their worksheets with this month's theme.

We recently uploaded practice sheets for Filipino and Math. These are worksheets to review kayarian ng salita, pandiwa, pang-uri, pantukoy in Filipino plus ordinal numbers, writing numbers in words and multiplication worksheets for Math. Here are the links:

Also, check our printables from each of the Lessons Page. If you need them printed, it's also free to download.

Again, have a long, safe, happy weekend! Enjoy Halloween!

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