Math Problems

Improve Math and Logic by using these worksheets.

Have at least one math problem for your learners to solve daily. 

5 Cat Math Word Problems

Math: 5 Word Problems for Grade 2 or 3

Ordinal Numbers 11th to 20th

Write the numbers in words.

Word Problem 8

Simple addition and subtraction word problem.

Word Problem 5

Age word problem - add and subtract.

Multiply by 3 and 4

More multiplication easy halloween practice sheets.

Practice Writing Ordinal Numbers

Practice writing ordinal numbers from 1st to 20th.

Word Problem 7

Simple addition word problem.

Easy Word Problem 4

Beginner word problem. Solve and answer the questions.

Practice Multiplication

Draw candies in each box. Complete the equation.

Multiplication Under the Sea

Practice multiplying by 1, 0 and 2 using this worksheet.

Word Problem 6

Age word problem - add and subtract.