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Dinosaurs and Fossils Activity Sheets, Events

Dinosaurs have always piqued the interest of children and adults since we came to know about their existence. These extinct, incredible, and fascinating creatures help children understand the Earth’s age and history of

our planet. Learning about dinosaurs also aid the kids to comprehend how species live, adapt, disappear and survive as well as learn

about the natural world. On the other hand, fossils are proof of the existence of life on Earth billions of years ago. Fossils can be dinosaurs, animals, plants, and even DNA.

We came up with dinosaur-themed worksheets, all for free.

The kids enjoyed this magic fold dinosaur activity using their Crayola crayons and markers. We managed to restock by ordering online from Crayola Philippines 10-10 sale. You can purchase them here. (Link will redirect you to Shopee).

Our favorites are the Crayola Twistables Slick Stix - because they don't break and we also love the Crayola Washable Crayons because they don't leave a mess and they're BIG on colors! - we recommend them for bigger kids because they seem softer than the usual wax crayons.

If you want to take it to the next level, watch this read-aloud video of the book "If the Dinosaurs Came Back" written and illustrated by Bernard Most, read aloud by the Book and Artventure Club, and create your own artwork. The kids created their background using basic shapes and left the buildings white to recreate the artist's illustrations and only used primary colors (R, B, Y) for the sky, the road, and the dinosaur they picked.

Have a different learning experience on fossils and dinosaurs by taking the kids to our museums in Metro Manila and parks near the city. Mind Museum has a T-Rex named Stan, after Stan Sacrison, a paleontologist who unearthed the complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in South Dakota. All-Day passes are P750.00 while 3-hour passes cost P625 for adults, P475.00 for kids, P190 for public school students and teacher passes are P190.00.

There are also many fossils in our National Museum of Natural History in Manila. The entrance is always free.

In partnership with the Mind Museum, Estancia at Capital Commons will have an interactive exhibition from October 14 to 27 at the GF East Wing. (Kassie, this one's for you!:)

The entrance is FREE! Since the slots are limited, you may download the Ortigas Malls App & register for the Ortigas Community Card here:

f you’re up for a short road trip Dinosaurs Island Clark has a promo for a group of 5 persons!

The package includes:

Five(5) Dinosaurs Island entrance pass.

Five (5) Insectlandia entrance pass.

Five (5) Wonders of the world

Five (5) Unearthed Museum

Five (5) Picnic Grounds entrance pass

Five (5) 1pc chicken, rice and iced tea

To download these worksheets, click here. Have a great weekend!

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