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Year of the Tiger Arts and Crafts Free Downloads

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We’re ushering the year of the tiger in a few days! Teaching young ones about different cultures around the world, can help them see the world in a different perspective and embrace cultural diversities.

The Chinese New Year is widely celebrated by people all over and it lasts for fifteen days. The Chinese New Year, also sometimes called the Spring Festival follows the Chinese lunar calendar. It begins on the sunset on the day of the second New Moon following the winter solstice which is on the 21st of December.

This year, the celebration starts on the eve of January 31st and ends on February 15th.

Chinese observes this event by putting up red decorations, dragon dances, firecrackers and fireworks and having New Year’s Eve dinner with family. They also do away with the bad and the old and welcome the new and the good as a way to start anew.

Each year is represented by an animal in the Chinese Zodiac and 2022 is the year of the Tiger and what better way to celebrate the CNY by planning goals for the year and learning through art?

The Year of the Tiger Art Projects

Draw a Tiger Using Simple Shapes

Printable Coloring Sheets for the little ones

Year of the Tiger Bookmarks

2022 Goals - Year of Tiger

Materials for drawing:

White Paper or Board/Watercolor paper

Your choice of coloring materials


Materials for the bookmark:

Board Paper or Old Folder/Cereal Box

Your Tiger Drawing

Yarn or ribbon


For the Tiger Drawing and Worksheets click here.

These are the bookmarks that the kids made during our math and art class. These are made out of old folders and watercolor paper. We used coloring pens for the glossy materials and watercolor for the others. This craft is quite easy to make and does not require a lot of time.

Also we recommend, reading books about the Chinese New Year or watching clips about this world-wide celebrated occasion and perhaps read more about tigers and cats too. You can also introduce them to the phases of the moon if you haven't done so. For the guides you can click HERE to take you to the page.

The books we read for Chinese New Year are:

Ruby's Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac

Runaway Wok

We love this story about Ruby's adventure with the other zodiacs helping her to deliver her card to Grandma. It's a great way to introduce kids to the animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

This book also tells the story of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated these days. It also briefly discusses the phases of the moon in the beginning. If you want a copy of this book, let us know. Enjoy reading!

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