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This Week’s Free Worksheets for Young Learners

The quarantine kept us busy, nevertheless we never stopped creating new worksheets to push learning at home. Unfortunately, we weren't able to update our blogs to keep everyone updated but here we are back again to keep you posted.

This week, help your child practice and prepare for the next school year. Use these worksheets either to learn something new or review what was learned in the past schoolyear. This week we have new worksheets in Filipino, Math and Science.


  • Numbers in Filipino

  • Sequencing: Mga Buwan ng Taon

  • Pantig


  • Simple Addition Using Pictures

  • Addition using a Number Line

  • Sorting and Adding


  • Body parts

  • Body Coverings

To easily find the new worksheets, please check the New This Week Section before it goes to the archive. Bear in mind, that these worksheets are for MEMBERS ONLY.

Next week, we will have our very first Filipino Workbook available for download to incorporate nationalism and celebrate our Independence Day. Stay tuned!

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