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Happy Thanksgiving!

How do you like your turkey? The kids made simple Thanksgiving Turkey artworks yesterday to share what they’re thankful for. Tomorrow is the 4th Thursday of November (in the United States), and America is celebrating the only holiday that does not involve gift-giving.

Quick Facts about Thanksgiving

Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a day (Thanksgiving) in 1863 to give thanks and praise.

The first Thanksgiving Day occurred in 1621, to celebrate the first harvest. It is documented that the feast included wild American turkeys, a tradition carried onto this day.

Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving but on a different day. They celebrate this holiday on the second Monday of October, based on European harvest festivals.


In this artwork, we used Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils to color the feathers of the turkey with the shades of fall. The kids love using them because they give better control when it comes to coloring small areas.

Just use them like ordinary pencils and wet the area afterwards using a paintbrush. They also work well in creating gradients and value in art.

Here are some ways to draw and paint a turkey for Thanksgiving. We're also sharing the self-portraits + pizza (with the things they are most grateful for) made by the Book and Artventure Club.

And lastly, here are some coloring sheets for thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Simple Thanksgiving Coloring Page Worksheet
Download PDF • 131KB

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