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Pantig Practice Sheets

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

We're uploading the new pantig worksheets and the pangalan practice sheets this week to help our young learners with their upcoming exams. The pantig sheets have a farm animal theme and to add to that we also came up with anyo, uri, or komposition ng mga pantig practice sheets.

It seems like the girls are rapidly accelerating into their first grade lessons. Last week they were introduced to the "pantig" and "pangalan." I saw their books and I can't help but feel that they may be a little bit challenged on the grounds that they do not know how to speak Filipino. Well, they do now, a little, but not as fluent as I hope they would be.

Their exams in Filipino is this week, and they needed a lot of practice too.

You can check out the Pantig Practice Sheets: HERE. Hope this helps!

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