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It's the schoolyear's second month and as the days progress the young learners go into more subjects and before long come the examinations and short quizzes.

I've had my students practice review and practice what they've learned and with that came new worksheets.

We have new worksheets in Filipino so the students can practice working on "Pangngalan." We have the Pangngalan ayon sa Kasarian, Uri ng Pangngalan and some Patinig at Katinig worksheets. Click here to go to the Filipino Read and Write section.

We also have new Financial Literacy worksheets, asking the learners to identify the needs and wants. This is very important for the children to learn for them to become better spenders and prioritize what is needed.

Aslo in Science, new practice sheets on how to take care of your body and types of foods that the body needs are uploaded. You can check these worksheets here.

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