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Welcome to our site. We're glad to see you here and our guess is you're also looking for materials that you can use to enrich your pre-schooler's learning of the Filipino language. Or perhaps you might be a teacher or a tutor hunting for worksheets to help educate children in your own setting. Just to give you a brief background of us, we have two little girls who can express themselves in English but speaking our native tongue is still a huge challenge for both of them. We are doing our best to teach our girls by conversing and reading Filipino books but we found that other supporting materials are lacking in the market. Hence, we came up with our own. Now we are sharing them to the world in the hopes that we can help improve early literacy in children too.

We're very optimistic that what we have here can be useful to you and your child. The worksheets and activities were also created to get your children to go off course on being gadget-dependent, to help them learn the basics, and try to let them be creative as much as possible. With the help of our friends from the field of education, we are sure that we are presenting sheets that are teacher and student approved. <3

On the final note, we would like to thank you not for just dropping by our site, but also for looking after for your child's education. Well done!

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