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Teaching Kids How to Write

I couldn't remember when my kids started writing but I am definitely sure they started doing plenty of artwork before they started putting down the alphabet on paper. When my kids started pre-school, Teacher Shey familiarized the entire class with the letters of the alphabet with the use of other tools. I'm sure this does not put any stress on the kids as they enjoyed cutting and pasting, painting and scribbling and making a fun (and sometimes messy :) ) way to learn. It isn't just familiarizing the toddlers with the letters, but it's also a way to instigate their fine motor skills that can help them write.

1. Do some activities that can help develop their fine motor skills while learning the alphabet.

Make shapes, letters and other figures during playtime. Get creative with the items in your house. Try writing in shaving creams, use playdough and cutters, to mold the shapes, letters and numbers. Play puzzles, legos, blocks and dress up dolls.

2. Create art.

Give them a paintbrush, crayons and colored pens. Teach them the basic shapes and figures and be their guide.

Tip: Instead of using paper, buy a drawing book for easy organization and clean up.

3. Use dot-to-dot print outs.

It's quite old-school but that's how we practiced writing decades ago. I find it effective with my kids since they enjoy the pictures and reading the words. To some extent there's retention with words that come with colorful pictures. Many resources are also available online. also offers downloadable colorful worksheets ready for use in English and Filipino. You can download them here to help your child practice writing.

practice writing names
Teaching Kids How to Write

You can also help them write their names by creating your own writing sheets using some fonts for tracing. Check this post from grilledtomatoes for the list of fonts.

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