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Positive Discipline of Children Act

As a child development advocate, this for me is good news. Browsing through the comment section in Facebook however, really saddened me because of a number of reasons:

1. Most of the negative reactions came from teachers. This made me realize that not all teachers understood the detrimental effect of corporal punishment and shaming to the holistic development of a child as well as positive discipline as a whole.

2. They are reacting against it without knowing the contents/details of the act. Saying things like "sila kaya magturo" or "gawa ng gawa ng batas hindi naman pinagaaralan". This just goes to show that we are a nation of reactive people, not the proactive kind.

You see the problem with our society is that were raised to be "scared of being punished" but we were not made to understand values and responsibility. One concrete example you will see everyday---bus or jeepney drivers, pa-para si pasahero, sasabihin ni driver, itabi lang po natin kasi may pulis. Pero pag walang law enforcers hala sige sa kabarubalan.

I think the first step is to make parents and teachers aware of why this act will benefit children.

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