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Happy Valentine's Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day! We’re celebrating this day by showing the ones we love that they are all special to us. Valentine’s Day is a great way to start teaching your kids how to show kindness and appreciation to their friends and family. But this year, we’re also teaching the kids how to appreciate themselves by listing down their strengths, traits and characteristics they love about themselves.

It’s a way to boost their confidence and kick-start self-reflection in older kids. It’s really important that they learn to believe in themselves so they can work on their talents and skills in achieving their goals - big or small.

Our I love you because worksheet, also asks your child to think why they love someone. It can be someone from the family, a pet or a friend. Have them ponder on the qualities of a family or a friend or perhaps something that this person or persons do for everyone that they appreciate or are grateful for. Little by little, incorporating some social emotional learning into different subjects can work wonders in their character, growing-up into the real world.

You can download the worksheets and the templates here.

Our V-day FAST AND EASY craft suggestions:

We made a simple drawing of a bear, a bee and a flower and attached chocolates to the cards. We happened to chance upon some heart-shaped chocolated the other day and decided to be creative with it.

Our Valentine's Day reading: Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie Friedman

Why we love this book: The author wrote the story in poetry, and that's something that we can add into our learnings. Ruby, the main character displayed a lot of positive traits such as thoughtfulness, perseverance and enthusiasm. We also love how cheerful she can be and turn one mishap into a celebration, infusing happiness to everyone and realizing that saying or showing that you cherish someone doesn't necessarily have to be on Valentine's Day.

If you want to have a copy of this book, send us a DM.

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