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Getting the Children to Read

One of my girls, started reading quite early. She was 2 and half when she began to read words through familiarization. As the years progressed, she started to read very fast, but I feel like she is somehow losing interest in books. When she was little, she used to sleep with books and dictionaries by her side, but these days she would barely pick up one.

My other daughter, started reading in a slower pace, it is quite funny to see her fall asleep rather too quickly whenever I teach her phonics. I'm not sure how or when she started reading, all I know is she just did. I'm sharing our practices at home when it comes to reading, please share yours too as I would really love some help too.

Here's what we do at home:

1. Read to your child every day or every night.

Doesn't have to be a long story, or even a story. You can read nursery rhymes too. Reading a little vs none at all is better. Think of the words that your child can get familiar with.

2. Start small.

Reading every night became part of the routine and when the girls were ready, I would let them read one or two words with one to two syllables until they started to read sentences.

3. Use different tools.

I really like flashcards that could associate words with pictures. Also this gift from one of their godmothers was really helpful. You can interchange the letters and make three letter words. Or find a picture and have your child spell it out.

4. Eyes on the books and the prize.

The girls are turning six soon and all they're interested in are role plays and other activities that does not include reading. However, these kids are so keen on having this one toy and I have been consistently refusing to buy it for them. This gave me an idea, I can give the toy as a reward when they finish reading 7 stories. Mind you, the stories are long for 6-year olds, their attention spans do not last a minute. They have to read them aloud too plus they need to give a jist of the story after reading them so I'm sure they understood what they read. I guess it's working, they tend to read one or two stories a night before going to bed. It's also teaching them to work hard for what they want and they learn a thing or two about delayed gratification.

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