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First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Kits are Must-Haves in Every Household

First aid kits should always be well-stocked so you're always ready to face with minor accidents and injuries. It's also a great idea to have one in your car all the time. Many drugstores and supermarkets sell pre-packed kits but you can also make one of your own. 

Use a sturdy box, preferably a small plastic container with a handle that can fit the items below. You can use this list if you plan to assemble one:

First Aid Kit Contents Checklist:

Bear in mind that opened medicine syrup is must be put in the refrigerator. It is also best to store your kits in a cool dry place and must be kept out of reach of small children.

For big emergencies, have this list of phone numbers printed and put in your kit as well. It's also handy to have it posted somewhere where everyone has access to like by your phones or on the refrigerator.

You can download this list in PDF from

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