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Bible Stories Coloring Sheets, Araling Panlipunan and Many More

This school-year, as I've written in my previous blog, we shifted from the traditional schooling to homeschooling. The previous school they were enrolled in was non-sectarian and now we've decided to move them to a Christian school. They were introduced to bible studies subjects for the first time, also we're using this book, Mystery of History that includes the stories in the bible in world history. It's an amazing book, one that we all like to read. To make learning and understanding more creative for their age, we made some worksheets and activities to help them grasp our lessons and put into practice the values we learned from them. And before class starts, we have a short prayer and discuss daily values and how we can apply them in life.

As for Araling Panlipunan, this year we are learning about our " Kommunidad." What it is, where it is, what we have and how we can help, so we have templates to make them practice the directions, and illustrating the community, plus we've thrown in a couple of projects (incorporating Science, Health and Arts) to help (in their own way) in solving the 'basura' problem our community has. The girls have decided to recycle these water containers and turn them into planters for their favorite vegetables.

Araling Panlipunan Project - Recycling Water Containers
Recycling Water Containers

We also have more handwriting sheets since having good penmanship is of great significant value to me. :) It does boost one's confidence and it does reflect a little bit of one's personality. Having a neat and legible handwriting activates the brain more than typing or using the keyboard. Also when you write and take notes, there is more retention as it activates visual perception. These are just my own takes though, remember that sometimes, one's hand cannot keep up with one's brain, so the tendency is to write fast resulting to poor handwriting.

Math word problems page have 5 more sheets available for download. It helps improve one's logic and maybe with a lot of practice it can prepare your child for algebraic equations in the future.

Here are the links:

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