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Art for All Abilities by Teacher Precious

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If your child is like mine, who likes to doodle and put colours in just about everything, there are some available online classes for their art inclinations. We've looked online for art classes and signed up for free ones to see which ones they like best. ART is good and fun way to learn. Along with entertaining our kids, it helps them to express themselves and shape their imaginative abilities while enhancing their learning skills.

For homeschoolers (like me), you can also get the A in your homeschool's MAPEH subject and put some structure in your child's developing art skills with Teacher Precious' courses.

Teacher Precious is a special education art teacher who advocates positive change in people's lives through Art. Since 2013, she has been advocating art and creativity as an essential tool in the teaching and learning process by working with different organizations by conducting workshops for students and teachers.

It’s our second time to enrol in her class and I can definitely say there is a huge improvement in their drawings… and yes, mine too! Teacher Precious teaches us how to draw by starting from the basics, and gradually incorporates more details as the students progresses to next level.

Boost your child’s creativity by enrolling her in one of Teacher Precious’ art classes. Have a look at her upcoming Art Explorers Program for the month of August; classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30AM for beginners and at 4PM for intermediate learners.

You may also download her FREE worksheets here.

You can explore more of her programs, as well as her art and crafts courses and send your inquiries to Teacher Precious at her Facebook page or at


Looking for art materials for your little ones? Please have a look at Yumi's Rainbow World here.

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