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3 Things That Every Home Should Have

It seems that after the fire that broke out in our province last year got to me so much that I became a little more anxious or worried about things more than usual. Crossing my fingers that I don't get a disorder, but the obsessive-compulsive in me says to always keep in check. And I usually do, most of the time, now, more often than before. The fire in Boac, smothered into flames three to four blocks of old houses and business establishments, and since the structures were so old, the flames spread out too quickly and engulfed numerous properties.

Since then, I realized that many of the Filipino homes are not equipped with the proper tools and kits to be ready in case of an emergency. If you want to have a little peace of mind just like me, you can prep for emergencies by having these:

1. Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Detectors

Fire Extinguishers are generally required when getting business permits, but most homes do not have them. Condominiums should have in alleys accessible to everyone every floor and must be known to owners and residents where they are located along with the fire exits. 

Homeowners should really have one or two in cases of emergencies. Place din in areas prone to fire such as the kitchen. If you have more than one story, have at least one for each story. Smoke detectors and fire alarms are quite affordable too, they cost less than P2000 in hardwares. Small ones are priced less than a thousand pesos.  Check the batteries once in a while to make sure they are working. Fire extinguishers also have expiration dates, but they can be refilled. 

2. First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are Must Haves in Every Home

We always bring one whenever we travel mainly because we have kids. BUT I think it is a must to always have one in the car always ready for use in emergencies. If our cars have fire extinguishers, then we should also have first aid kits as well.  You can buy a kit in drugstores or check here for a DIY FIRST AID KIT.

3. Home Insurance

Home or property insurance helps protect your residence in the event of natural or uneventful disasters. It can be as little as a thousand pesos to get insured and have peace of mind.

Some pics are taken from the internet and are not mine. CTT

Some pics are not mine, and were just taken from the internet. CTTO!

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