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National Heroes' Day

Here are some worksheets to commemorate our National Heroes as well as our modern-day heroes. 

All About My Hero

Draw or use word art, fill in the spaces about the details of their favorite national hero.

Ang Ating mga Bayani

Matching Type. Itugma ang pangalan ng mga bayani sa kanilang mga larawan.

I'm a Hero Worksheet

If you were a superhero, what will your name be? What are your superpowers? And who will be your sidekick?

Meet My Hero

Have your little learner write paste or draw a picture of his/her hero. It can be anyone who he/she likes. Have them write down a sentence or two to tell what values they like most or the traits they admire about their hero.

National Heroes Day Word Search

Find the Philippines' recognized National Heroes in this puzzle.

Unscramble the Words - National Heroes Day

Heroes' Day puzzle. Unscramble the words.

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