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8 May 2020
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We've finally opened our virtual bookstore!

The books and supplies are little bit limited for now because of the quarantine period. 

But we will be putting up digital workbooks available at a very affordable price. These workbooks are available for sale to support this website, so we can stay online and provide more worksheets for parents and teachers. 


18 March 2020

We strongly feel that there is a need for everyone to understand why we need to help each other stop the spread of COVID-19 and this includes the children.  We're off to war with an invisible force and the only way to stop this is by proper hygiene, boosting the immune system, and cooperating with the government.  We have created sheets to help you teach the young learners the basics of hygiene and what should we do as Filipinos to help flatten the curve. 

You may download the worksheets here.


21 July 2019

The girls came home with a lot to review. Come Tuesday, they'll have several quizzes on Math, Filipino and English. It prompted me to make reviewers they can use to prepare for the quizzes.


Find the reviewers in the Mathematics , Filipino and English section. We added the following pages and worksheets: Counting to 100 , Skip Counting , Number Ordering , Ordinal Numbers and more vowels and consonants worksheets. We also have a few new worksheets on rhyming words. 

18 July 2019

This week we updated the website with Araling Panlipunan and Filipino Worksheets. Ang Uri ng Mga Kasarian worksheets can be used to identify between the "babae" and "lalaki." We have yet to upload a worksheet that will