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Year of the Tiger Activities

On this page, you'll find the templates that you need to help you work on your project. You can use the drawing guide in your art works and crafts such as the bookmarks and a 2022 Goals Sheet. 

For the little ones, we have a couple of coloring sheets that are free to download as well.

Bookmarks and 2022 Goals 


The girls have been doing a lot of reading these past few weeks and came up with the idea of making bookmarks. They decided to draw tigers on their little project in time for the CNY this year. 


It’s quite a simple project, and you can use materials that you can find at home.


Materials needed:

Old folder/Board paper or cereal box

Coloring materials of your choice

Permanent markers

Ribbon or Yarn (Optional)



Start by making an outline on the board paper or folder. Any shape will do, the girls made rectangles about 1.5” x 5”.  Cut the shapes. I’m very fond of watercolor paper, and used it for the bookmark but it was not thick enough, and so I had to cut and paste it on a thicker material, such as a cereal box.


Draw tigers on the rectangles, color it in, punch a hole in the middle and tie your ribbons through the hole. For a printable guide on how to draw a tiger click here.


I made my own version, just the head of a tiger and laminated it. We also used watercolors and coloring pens to decorate and color the bookmarks. 


If you’re into goal setting with your child, you can also make this with them and put it on their desk to remind them of their goals.


They can start with:

  • something new they want to learn for the year

  • Something they already know but want to continue learning

  • A place where they want to go

  • A habit they want to build

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