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It's 2021!

The start of the year calls for setting new resolutions, slowly getting back to your routines and re-organizing. Unlike December, January makes me feel a little bit calmer knowing I have time ahead of me to make things happen. December is…. hectic. That’s when you lose a little (or a lot) of yourself and your routine to prepare for celebrations and gifts for your loved-ones. This year was a lot less overwhelming, since we only stayed home for the holidays. The learning did not stop though, and of the wonderful opportunities we had was to have a closed door field trip to Pampanga and to meet some parol-makers and learn about its history and see how it’s made.

The second week of January has passed (probably even the third by the time I publish this) and I had the kids slowly go back into our routine and schooling by starting with their favorite things to do. Such as yoga, reading, writing, painting and music. I plan to slowly ease in Language Arts, Math, and Science this week. Also this week, they had their goal setting for 2021. Since the kids are already old enough to set their goals, I gave them free rein to put what they want to happen and achieve into writing and share them afterwards with us. If you’re into setting goals, you can have your kids create a vision board or just simply have them write down in their journal.

If you want to use the template that the girls used for their goals in 2021, you can download them here.

New Worksheets

Our uploaded worksheets are shapes and counting in Filipino. I may have missed them counting and writing the numbers in words in Filipino somewhere in the first quarter of the year. While they’ve mastered speaking and writing the Math numbers in English both in numeric form and in words, they really need to put in a little more time to learn how to count and write in their native tongue.

Since, we have pangungusap worksheets in Filipino and the Parts of Sentences for Language Arts, Mga Salitang Magkasalungat at Magkasingkahulugan, Synonyms and Antonyms, Mga Hugis in Filipino and Letter A Cursive Script Practice Sheets too.

As you noticed, the English worksheets now have their counterparts in Filipino, so it’ll be easier to teach the Filipino subject to our learners. I usually start teaching the English topics first and then head on to Filipino right after. I noticed that they can comprehend what is being discussed faster and easier instead of jumping right away to the subjects in Filipino. This saves a lot of time plus it spares us from feelings of frustration when they cannot understand the subject matter.

Here are the links:

See you all again next week and I pray that we all have a safe and fruitful 2021!

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