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The Colorful Canvas Co and Our New Reading Comprehension and Filipino Worksheets

If you have kids who are 3 years old and above, you may want to check

The Colorful Canvas Company. This virtual learning space is pioneered by two incredible teachers, Teacher Kei and Teacher Kam. We have had our firsthand experience with them many years ago and they surely will take care of your children’s developmental and learning needs.

The Colorful Canvas Company offers two programs: Teachirp and Teachat.

Teachat Learn & Play is their flagship program that aims to create a personalized curriculum for each child. To learn more about their programs, visit their facebook page to get a FREE trial/assessment.

New Reading Comprehension and Filipino Worksheets are In!

Keep your child busy this week with these Reading Comprehension Worksheets. Read one story each day with your child and use the worksheet to check their understanding. These worksheets are for Kindergarten to Grade 1 students. Download them here.

The Filipino Grade 2 worksheets can be found in the Lessons pages. Lessons and worksheets on Pangungusap are now up for download. You can also use these sheets for Grade 1 students to introduce them to the following topics:

Uri ng Pangungusap

Bahagi ng Pangungusap: Simuno at Panag-uri

Mga Bantas


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