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This worksheet is ideal for:

PreKinder, Kinder, Grade 1 

Long Vowels Worksheet 1

Subject: English


In this worksheet, the young learners are asked to name the picture and write the correct vowel. Before giving this worksheet, you may review the long and short vowel sounds.

What are long and short vowels?

Long vowels sounds like the way as if you are reading them. You read them like the way your read consonants. Long vowels are occur when two vowels are put together, such as "mail, seed." Long vowels also present  themselves when the word ends with e.

Short vowels sound a lot different from the long ones. 

a = ah (axe)

e = eh  (egg)

i  = ih (ink)

o = awe (ox)

u = uh (bug)


Download and print the file here.

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